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How we're reducing consumption and waste in Bristol, how we'll continue doing so in the future.

Just over half of Bristol households' carbon footprint comes from the things people and businesses use and buy, rather than from fuel to heat and power their homes and cars. These are called Scope 3 emissions.

Half of these emissions are generated outside the UK. For example, goods such as clothes made in another country. However, they are Bristol's emissions because the products are used in the city by Bristol residents or businesses.

The One City Climate Strategy calls for everyone in Bristol to consume responsibly, including:

  • buying less
  • buying carbon neutral goods and services where possible

It also sets a goal to:

  • reduce waste, particularly of food, textiles and plastic
  • repair, recycle or reuse 65% of waste

We're helping this happen mainly through our communications and engagement work, outlined in our Engagement, culture and inclusion page.

How we've reduced consumption and waste so far

We opened a new Reuse shop at Hartcliffe Way, where Bristol Waste take good condition items that have been thrown away, refurbish them, and sell or donate them.

We've also launched new on-street recycling bins.

How we'll reduce consumption and waste in the future

We're working with partners to increase:

  • the amount of edible waste food that can be redistributed to people who need it
  • the amount of food waste recycled by businesses and households