How we're helping businesses in Bristol become carbon neutral.

The One City Climate Strategy sets out the objectives for Bristol's businesses to:

  • be carbon neutral by 2030
  • record and measure their emissions every year

We support businesses:

  • by funding the Bristol Green Capital partnership
  • by coordinating the One City Climate Strategy
  • by bringing together the One City Boards, including the Environment and Sustainability board and the Economy and Skills board, to include the role of businesses in city wide plans to reduce emissions

How we've helped businesses so far


  • set up the Environment Board in 2020
  • held an event with 180 Bristol business leaders during COP26, to discuss how businesses can lead the city's net zero goals, with a panel of speakers, the Mayor of Bristol, and 180 business leaders
  • made a series of 6 videos where Bristol businesses explain to other businesses the actions they've taken to reduce their emissions, aiming to inspire them to take similar steps

We've also launched the Bristol Climate Ask, a voluntary commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2030. More than 80 Bristol businesses have signed up. Watch a video with more information.

How we'll be supporting businesses in the future

We'll continue to support:

We continue to work with the West of England Combined Authority and neighbouring councils. Together, we'll make sure existing and new funding programmes will help everyone access the opportunities of a low carbon economy, for example through the Green Recovery Fund and the Retrofit Accelerator.