The different types of elections, when they're happening and election results for Bristol.

Everyone in the Bristol City Council area is represented by:

  • one, two or three councillors depending on the size of the ward they live in
  • the Mayor of Bristol City
  • the Combined Authority (WECA) mayor
  • the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Avon and Somerset
  • a Member of Parliament (MP)
  • six Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)

Find out what elections you're eligible to vote in.

Dates of elections


Last election Next election
Local elections 6 May 2021 TBD
Mayor of Bristol 6 May 2021 TBD
PCC election 6 May 2021 TBD
WECA mayor 6 May 2021 TBD
General election 12 December 2019 TBD

Types of elections

Local elections

They're held once every four years on the first Thursday of May using the first past the post system. Most of the wards within Bristol are multi-member wards.

There could also be an election known as a by-election in a specific area if a councillor needs to be replaced.

What they are

In a local election you're voting to elect councillors of Bristol who will represent your views for the wards, or area, where you live.

There are:

  • 34 electoral wards in Bristol
  • 70 elected councillors

Find your ward and councillor.

Local election results

You can see:

Mayor of Bristol election

Mayoral elections are held every four years on the first Thursday of May using the supplementary voting system

Marvin Rees is the elected Mayor of Bristol. 

Mayoral election results

You can view the:

  • Bristol Mayoral Election results for May 2021.
  • Bristol Mayoral Election results and turnout for 2016 and 2012
  • Webcast of the Bristol Mayoral Election Results 2016 on the Council's YouTube channel

West of England Combined Authority Mayor election

The West of England Combined Authority Go to (opens new window) (WECA) was established in February 2017.

The WECA is led by the elected WECA Mayor (sometimes referred to as the Metro Mayor). Elections for the WECA Mayor are held every four years on the first Thursday of May.

Dan Norris (Labour Party) was elected as the new West of England Combined Authority Mayor on Saturday 8 May.

You can view West of England Combined Authority Mayoral Election 6 May 2021 results Go to (opens new window)

Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Avon and Somerset election

Police and Crime Commissioner elections are held every four years on the first Thursday of May using the supplementary voting system

See the results of the 2021 PCC election on the Policing Insight website Go to (opens new window)

Mark Grosvenor McNeill Shelford (Conservative Party) was elected as Police and Crime Commissioner of the Avon and Somerset Police area on Friday 7 May 2021. 

Find out about the role of the PCC on the Association of Police and Crime Commissioners website Go to (opens new window).

UK Parliamentary (General) elections

A UK Parliamentary General Election was held in Bristol on Thursday 12 December 2019.

What it is

In general elections, you elect somebody to represent you in Parliament, as a Member of Parliament (MP), in a parliamentary constituency.
Bristol City Council area has four consistuencies:

  • Bristol East
  • Bristol North West
  • Bristol South
  • Bristol West

See the MPs details for Bristol constituencies.

Visit the UK parliament website for information about the role of MPs Go to (opens new window) and the work of parliament.

Past General Election results

You can see the: 

European Parliamentary elections

What it is

In European Parliamentary Elections, you voted to elect somebody to represent you in the European Parliament as a Member of the European Parliament (MEP).

There were 12 European electoral regions in the UK. Each region had between three and 10 MEPs. Bristol is in the South West region and has six MEPs.

From 31 January the UK doesn't have any MEPs following its departure from the European Union.

Past European Parliamentary election results

You can find details about MEPs, as well as information about their roles and the role of the European Parliament, on the website.

You can view the:


A referendum is a vote by the electorate on a single question.

Past referendum results

You can see: 

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) ballots

Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) are partnerships set up to improve particular commercial areas. 

Businesses in the area can take part in a ballot to choose whether to pay a percentage of their rateable value on top of their business rates to fund projects which benefit local businesses.

For information, results of BID votes and notices of BID ballots for current or recent BIDs visit our business improvement districts page.

Clifton Village BID ballot

The ballot for the Clifton Village Business Improvement District was held on 15 September 2022.

The ballot was conducted by post by the Independent Scrutineer, Civica Election Services of 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW.

pdf Notice of ballot: Clifton Village (88 KB)

pdf See the result of the ballot (167 KB)

The proposal to establish a Business Improvement District for Clifton Village is approved. A majority of the business ratepayers in the proposed BID area who voted, voted in favour of the proposal, both by aggregate rateable value and numbers voting.

If you have any questions about the BID ballot, email

For more information on Clifton Village BID:

Bristol City Centre BID ballot information

The ballot for Bristol City Centre Business Improvement District will take place on Thursday 29 September 2022.

pdf Notice of ballott: Bristol City Centre (111 KB)

Ballot Papers will be sent to those eligible to vote by Thursday 1 September 2022.

They must be completed and returned no later than 5pm Thursday 29 September 2022, the day of the ballot.

For more information about the BID

If you have any enquiries about the BID ballot, email