How we measure our performance against key priorities.

Corporate Strategy and Business Plans 

The Bristol City Council Corporate Strategy 2018-2023 sets out the Mayor's vision and our key priorities over five years, including proposals for our revenue and capital budgets.

In addition, each year we publish a Business Plan to outline our priority actions during this financial year, and how we will measure our progress.

These documents are updated on the Corporate Strategy page.

2019/20 Performance Measures and Targets

The Business Plan 2019/20 is the second annual plan resulting from our Corporate Strategy 2018–2023.   Performance Measures are noted within the Plan, at the end of each Key Commitment section, but without actual figures. 

The Business Plan 2019/20 - Performance Measures and Targets (pdf, 651KB) (opens new window) appendix lists the targets for each of the measures of success, plus the year-end results for 2018/19.

In order to make our corporate performance as open, transparent and as easy as possible to track, we will issue an update every three months to show progress throughout the year (where quarterly data is available) and at year-end. 

2018/19 Annual Progress 

In addition to formal performance measures, the Business Plan contains many actions for each Key Commitment.  The Business Plan 2018/19 – Annual Progress (pdf, 5.9MB) (opens new window) document is a year-end review of whether each action is complete or continuing. 

Performance reports at Scrutiny

The performance of the council is also reviewed through our Scrutiny function, made up of elected members.  These are public meetings. 

The Corporate Business Plan is scrutinised at the Overview and Scrutiny Management Board.

There are also four Scrutiny Commissions that look at Performance for specific parts of the Council.  Meetings and full performance reports are on committee meetings and reports online. These are presented at the first available meeting following the end of each quarter.