Overpayments and refunds when moving

How to get a refund if you've overpaid council tax

If you make any changes to your circumstances or payment methods after 2 March 2018, we will be aware of the changes but they won't show up in your annual bill. 

This is because we're currently in the process of issuing the annual bills and unable to add any changes.

You'll be sent an up to date bill after 5 April 2018.

If you've moved out of Bristol and have overpaid

You'll get an automatic refund if you've paid too much money by Direct Debit.

The refund will go into your bank account when you tell us you’ve moved.

If you don't pay your council tax by Direct Debit we'll send you a cheque to your new address.

If you've moved within Bristol and have overpaid

Your credit will automatically transfer to your new council tax account.