What the Company Handbook is and how it is used.

The Company Handbook is made up of individual guidance notes and explains how the council has oversight of its companies. It also summarises key processes that are relevant to the companies and the council. This includes, for example:

  • how the council governs its companies
  • how the council collaborates with its companies to form the business plans each year
  • how potential conflicts of interest should be managed

The Company Handbook

pdf Introduction to the Company Handbook (428 KB)

An explanation of what the Company Handbook is and how it is structured.

Section 1: Council governance of companies

These guidance notes provide an overview of how the council's governance interacts with the companies (for example, the role of Full Council, Audit Committee, OSMB, Shareholder Group and Companies Assurance group). 

pdf Overview of Council Governance (527 KB)

pdf Overview of council decision making in respect of the companies (359 KB)

Section 2: Annual cycle

This guidance note summarises the business planning process and key outputs required from the companies.

pdf Business planning (463 KB)

Section 3: Guidance for council-appointed directors

These guidance notes:

  • summarise the potential conflicts of interest which may arise for council appointed directors of the companies
  • details how these potential conflicts can be managed
  • list directors' duties and how they apply to the council appointed directors of each company

pdf Conflicts of interest (459 KB)

pdf Directors' duties (489 KB)

Section 4: Guidance on council processes and policies

These guidance notes provide:

  • an overview of how the companies should approach the publication of information relating to them at council meetings
  • how legal exemptions may be considered
  • a summary of the pre-election period and what this may mean for the companies
  • the council's approach to equality and inclusion and what this may mean for the companies

pdf Exempt Information (359 KB)

pdf Pre-election period (370 KB)

pdf Equality and inclusion and the companies (356 KB)

Section 5: Trading between the council and its companies

These guidance notes provide an explanation of how the council expects to trade with its companies.

pdf Trading Policy (420 KB)

pdf Procurement Status of the Companies (474 KB)

Find out more about the Company Handbook

If you would like to speak with someone to find out more about the Company Handbook, contact the Shareholder Liaison Service: shareholderliaison@bristol.gov.uk