Lone worker protection service

Lone worker protection service

Protection for people working alone or in small groups

People who work alone can be at an increased risk of violence or harm, if they have an accident or medical emergency and no-one is there to help them. Our lone worker protection service is available to all businesses and can help you protect the people working for you.

How it works

Each lone worker registers on our system and every time they’re working on their own they:

  • call the system to log in
  • record where they’re going
  • set a ‘check-in’ time

If they don’t call at the ‘check-in’ time, the system will try to call them three times. If there’s no reply an alarm flashes in our control centre. We’ll then follow the procedure you’ve set up with us, for example calling the person’s line manager or the emergency services.

We also offer a speed-dial feature, where the worker can alert us if they need help and GPS tracking for high-risk workers.

Why use our system

  • our control centre is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • we’re experts in safety monitoring, we also look after the Careline service, CCTV and fire and security systems
  • prices start at just £1 a week per person

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