Homeless or at risk of being homeless

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Homelessness and coronavirus (COVID-19)

What emergency accommodation is available during coronavirus (COVID-19), how to get a place, and what support you can get.

Homeless or worried about becoming homeless

What you should do if you have nowhere to stay tonight or you’re about to become homeless.

When you tell us you’re homeless or worried about becoming homeless

What help you can get from us, including information about homelessness assessments and personal housing plans.

Sleeping rough

What to do if you’re sleeping rough and need to find somewhere to live or if you see someone sleeping rough.

Private tenant at risk of becoming homeless

Find out what to do if you're a private tenant and you think you might be evicted.

Specialist support if you’re homeless

What to do if you’re a young person, ex-forces, asylum seeker or refugee, abuse survivor, leaving hospital or prison, and more.