Homeless or at risk of being homeless

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Homeless and nowhere to stay

What you should do if you have nowhere to stay tonight

Worried about becoming homeless

If you’re worried about becoming homeless or losing your home, let us know.

When you tell us you’re homeless or worried about becoming homeless

What help you can expect, homelessness assessments and personal housing plans

Temporary accommodation

Who we find temporary accommodation for and what to expect

Sleeping rough

Get help if you’re sleeping rough and find out how to tell us about someone sleeping rough.

Private tenant at risk of becoming homeless

Find out what to do if you're a private tenant and you think you might be evicted.

Breakdown in your relationship

What to do if your relationship has broken down and you think you might have to move out or pay the rent or mortgage on your own

Young person told to leave home or homeless

Help and advice if you're a young person and you might have to leave home or you're homeless

Hate crime or harassment

What you can do and who you can contact if you need to leave your home because of hate crime or harassment

Homeless because of domestic abuse

What you can do if you’re at risk of becoming homeless because of domestic abuse

Leaving prison

Get advice if you’re an ex-offender or someone who’s just left prison and don’t have anywhere to live.

Housing advice for ex-forces members

What to do if you’ve left or are leaving the armed forces and you don’t have anywhere to live

Help with housing for asylum seekers and refugees

Help and advice if you’re an asylum seeker or refugee and you need to find somewhere to live

Homeless after leaving hospital

Find out what to do if you've just left hospital and you have nowhere to live.

Young people who have been in care

Who to contact and how they can help you find somewhere to live