Make changes to your tenancy

Make changes to your tenancy

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Exchange your home

Apply to exchange your home with a council tenant, or housing association tenant

Joint tenancies

Apply for a joint tenancy, where two or more people are jointly responsible for the tenancy

End your council property tenancy

What you need to do to end your tenancy

Apply for a transfer

How you can apply to move to a different council home

Tell us that a tenant has died

What to do if a family member or friend dies whilst they’re a council tenant.

Assign your tenancy

How to apply to give your tenancy to your partner, or another person that you live with so they can keep the tenancy if you move out or die

Inheriting a tenancy

What to do if you’re living with a family member who has died, or you're dealing with the tenant’s affairs

Right to buy

Check if you have the right to buy, and how to apply