Find out what the constitution is and what it does.

We have a constitution which sets out:

  • how the council operates
  • how decisions are made
  • the procedures which are followed to make sure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable.

Some of these processes are needed by the law, while others have been decided by the council.

The constitution is in nine parts.

Summary and explanation

Part 1 Summary and explanation (pdf, 38k) (opens new window)

Articles of the constitution

Part 2 Articles of the constitution (pdf, 229k) (opens new window)

Responsibility for functions

Part 3 Responsibility for functions (pdf, 441k) (opens new window)

Amendment: Responsibility for functions: delegation of executive function (pdf, 13k) (opens new window)

Amendment: Responsibility for functions: Public health contracts waiver (pdf, 17k) (opens new window)

Council procedure rules

Part 4 Council procedure rules (pdf, 65k) (opens new window). These govern the way the council operates, including:

Codes and protocols

Part 5 Codes and protocols. These are the codes of conduct for councillors, council employees and members' relations

Members’ allowances scheme 2011 to 16

Part 6 Members' allowances scheme 2011 to 16 (pdf, 187k) (opens new window)

Council’s management structure

Part 7 Council's management structure

Members contact details

Part 8 Members contact details. Names and contact details for our councillors

Forward plan

Part 9 Mayor's Forward plan. Key decisions to be taken by the council in the next four months.