City Office

What it is and current projects.

What is it

The City Office brings together charities and organisations to address key issues in the city, with the support of Mayor Marvin Rees.

The Office doesn’t replace existing projects or networks, but helps them work together to access additional resources, such as building space.

The core team is made up of people from organisations across Bristol on top of their usual roles. A wide range of partners support this work, forming task groups for each project.


The City Office is currently working on the following city challenges:

Breakfast Clubs

The aim of this project is to ensure that no child in Bristol goes to school hungry. 

The team are working to support existing school Breakfast Clubs and where necessary setting-up and delivering new breakfast clubs for families and children in the most deprived wards of Bristol.


Homelessness was the first issue to be tackled by the City Office.

The vision is to end involuntary rough sleeping in Bristol. 

The team has successfully released a number of additional temporary and permanent bedspaces. In addition, the ‘Hearts and Minds’ and ‘Livelihoods’ campaigns are working to reduce the stigma of homelessness and inspire positive interactions with workplaces.

Meaningful work experience

WORKS is developing a collaboration between employers, learning providers and local communities to bring meaningful work experience opportunities to young people in Bristol. 

This is as part of the Bristol Learning City Partnership.

How you can get involved

If you'd like to get involved with a project, please email