Arts and culture funding

Information about arts and culture funding and how to apply.

Types of funding

There are three different types of arts and culture funding:

  • Originators
  • Imagination
  • Openness


Funding from 1 day to 12 months for projects completed in a year, such as:

  • community festivals with arts and culture focus
  • an arts project offering quality experiences that people in Bristol take part in
  • small-scale activities for testing new ideas 
  • partnerships working with local communities
  • professional development

Projects must commence from 1 April 2018.

The amount you can apply for per year is £500 to £5,000.

No match funding required. 

Who can apply

Individuals, community groups and organisations, including unincorporated organisations such as voluntary groups.

Criteria and guidelines

To help you write the best possible application you’ll need to carefully read the following documents before you apply for Originators:

How to apply

The fund opens for applications on 15 September 2017 at 12pm.

The fund closes on 15 November 2017 at 12pm. We’ll only assess applications that have answered all of the relevant questions, and submitted all of the requested documentation by no later than 12pm on 15 November.

If you have any questions about the process, the applications form, the budget, definitions or anything else relating to your supporting documents, email us at by no later than 5pm on 8 November. Your completed application must include the following documents:

You may also need to complete a memorandum of understanding, see the guidance notes if unsure.


This is core funding for up to four years, 2018 to 2022, for established arts and cultural organisations with a year round programme. The maximum grant is no more than 5% of annual turnover and reduces over the duration of the funding.

This fund has now closed and is being assessed us. We’ll announce the successful applicants after 12 December 2017, subject to Cabinet approval. For more information see the below guidance notes:


Funding for up to two years, runs 2018-20 and 2020-22, for imaginative projects and programmes, development of organisations and work with communities that increases access to arts and culture.

Projects commence from 1 April 2018. The amount you can apply for is £5,000 to £40,000 per year. 

Match funding is required, meaning you'll need to find another funding source that will match a minimum of 25% of the total budget requested.

This fund has now closed and is being assessed by us. We’ll announce the successful applicants after 12 December 2017. This fund will open again in 2019.

For more information see the below guidance notes: 

Supported projects and organisations 2017-18

The following are projects and organisations that have received funding from us for 2017-18:

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