Hold an event in a park, open space or street

Hold an event in a park, open space or street

Where you can hold an event, what events you can and can’t hold, how to ask for permission, what happens after you apply

Step 2 of the Government Roadmap applies from 12 April. Outdoor events in Bristol still must not take place until 1 June 2021.

Full restrictions on GOV.UK.

For events to go ahead, you must:

  • show your ability to run the event safely and assess the risk to your business
  • amend your plans if needed to take into account any new safety measures that are likely to be in place
  • attend a safety advisory group organised by site permissions and satisfy them that events can be run safely

You should also consider:

  • that we must consult with Bristol City Council colleagues, such as those working in civil protection and public health, who are dealing with  COVID-19
  • the time and capacity needed to process licence applications in accordance with statutory processes as standard process and timelines must be followed
  • getting approval if needed from other key council departments such as Highways
  • the availability of medical, police and fire services in the city to support the planning and delivery of events

How we’ll assess your proposal

In order to offer provisional dates, we’ll assess your proposal against the following:

  • impact of COVID-19 on the sustainability of your business and on events already confirmed for the late summer or autumn
  • Bristol’s capacity and ability to cope with an increased range of events

We’ll prioritise events:

  • which were cancelled or postponed from 2020 onwards
  • that can be proven to run safely in line with government guidelines and legislation   
  • that are run by Bristol-based event organisers that have a positive social and economic impact  on  the city

Any event dates will be subject to government guidelines and we cannot guarantee that it will be possible to host events.

New events

We'll be working with all current organisers to offer alternative dates before we'll begin accepting and reviewing new requests. 

For the time being, we have agreed not to hold any new events from promoters or event organisers outside of Bristol in the city or on Bristol City Council land that directly conflicts with established events and festivals taking place this year.

Events 2022

We're not currently taking any event bookings for 2022.

Hospitality proposals

See our guidance if you'd like to submit a hospitality proposal.

Where you can hold an event

See the locations on our map for a list of our parks and open spaces. You'll need to apply for permission.

Parks Activities

You must ask us for byelaw permission to provide a service you charge for in a park or green space. This includes: 

  • fitness training and boot camp
  • hot air ballooning
  • nordic walking
  • forest schools
  • outdoor school clubs and professional dog walking

For more information check out what you can do in our parks.

Ask to hold an event in an outdoor space or park

Email with:

  • the name of your business, charity, organisation
  • a brief summary of your event proposal, including activities, infrastructure, how it will work, your proposed event programme, plans for food and drink, and benefits to the city
  • a site plan
  • the location or locations you'd like to use
  • event dates and times, including any build and break days

We’ll consider each request on a case by case basis and get back to you by email within 10 working days.

We may have to send your proposal to the Safety Advisory Group for Events (SAGE). This may take 2 to 4 weeks and may mean you have to make changes to your proposed event. 

It can take up to 6 weeks from when you send your initial proposal to your event being approved. 

You should also read our Coronavirus (COVID-19): guide to restarting outdoor events.

If we agree to your initial proposal

You'll need to apply through eventapp, which also has details of:

  • hire locations
  • fees and charges
  • the application process, including templates for event organisers

You'll need to upload copies of your: 

  • detailed Event Management Plan (EMP)
  • COVID-19 risk assessments 
  • COVID-19 safety policy 
  • site map 
  • proof of public liability Insurance

After you apply

We'll send your documents to SAGE and other agencies for consultation and tell you about any feedback, including:

  • changes you need to make to your event
  • documents that need to be reworked
  • concerns about safety or social distancing that need to be addressed

We may ask you to attend a safety advisory group as part of the process

We won’t give permission for your event to go ahead until all documentation has been signed off. 

Event licences

As well as applying for site permission, if you’re holding an event you must apply for any licences that you need, such as a:

Email if you have questions about licences.