Apply for a premises licence and how much it costs.

You need permission to supply alcohol or entertainment or late night refreshment, on or off the premises.

A premises licence is granted for the life of the business.  You need to pay an annual fee on the anniversary date of the licence being granted.

If you're selling alcohol you'll also need to have a designated premises supervisor. You'll need to provide a consent form for a designated premises supervisor when you apply for your premises licence.

Who needs a premises licence

You need a premises licence under the Licensing Act 2003 Go to (opens new window) to:

  • sell alcohol
  • provide food between 11pm and 5am

You'll also need a licence if you provide the following types of entertainment:

  • theatrical performance
  • showing a film
  • indoor sporting event
  • boxing or wrestling (indoor or outdoor)
  • live music
  • recorded music
  • dance

You'll still need a licence even if the activities are for charity.

You don't need a licence for some types of entertainment, including:

  • educational or promotional films
  • shown as part of an exhibition in a museum or gallery
  • incidental music - live or recorded

You must be over 18 to apply.

Immigration Act 2016

When you apply for a premises licence you must provide proof that you are eligible to live and work in the UK.

See Licence and Immigration Act 2016 for information on the Immigration Act 2016 and the documents we accept for proof of residence.

Before you apply

Read pdf how to apply for a premises licence (304 KB) .

You must also check:

  • if you need any other permissions, such as permission from the landowner to use the site
  • any restrictions, such as restrictions on planning permission or restrictions on your lease

The licence you get will not override these permissions and you must make sure you are complying with all restrictions.

Apply for a new premises licence

Apply for a new premises licence
on the GOV.UK website

You must apply to the licensing authority for the area where your premises are. Check which council area your premises are in Go to (opens new window) on GOV.UK.

You'll need:

The designated premises supervisor must have a personal licence to sell alcohol.

Other ways to apply

If you want someone else to discuss your application or licence with us on your behalf, you'll need to give us written permission.

How to pay


The amount you pay is based on the rateable value of the premises. Premises that don't have a rateable value are in Band A for premises licences purposes. The rateable value is set by the valuation office.

Check the rateable value of the premises Go to (opens new window) on GOV.UK

There is a multiplier applied to premises in Bands D ( x 2 basic fee) and E ( x 3 basic fee) where they are exclusively or primarily in the business of supplying alcohol. 

Non-domestic rateable value band Application fee Multiplier
A £0 - £4,300 £100 0
B >£4,301 - £33,000 £190 0
C £33,001 - £87,000 £315 0
D £87,001 - £125,000 £450 £900
E £125,001 and over £635 £1905


If you apply online you pay directly with a debit or credit card.

If you apply by post you need to pay with a cheque or postal order made payable to Bristol City Council.

Let people know about your application

You must:

  • display a notice of the application at the premises for 28 days starting from the day after the application was submitted
  • publish a notice of the application in the Bristol Post or the Western Daily Press within 10 working days, starting from the day after the application was submitted

You need to check with us if you want to use a different local newspaper by emailing

The site notice must be:

  • on pale blue paper
  • A4 size or larger
  • large font font size 16 or larger

If you apply by post you'll also need to give notice of your application and copies of documentation on the same day that you make the application to the responsible authorities

Provisional statement

You can apply for a provisional statement for premises that are to be, or are in the process of being constructed, altered or extended to see if a licence would be granted.  A provisional statement does not convert into a premises licence when the construction or development is finished. You'll need to apply for a premises licence when the work is finished.

Apply for a provisional statement Go to (opens new window) on GOV.UK

Other ways to apply

Fill in and return pdf application for provisional statement (553 KB) or document provisional statement (345 KB) .

What happens next

There's a 28 day representation period from the date you apply.  After this has ended if there haven't been any representations from responsible authorities or relevant persons, then we'll grant the licence. We'll issue the licence shortly after.

If there's representation from a responsible authority or interested parties then the licensing committee Go to (opens new window) will need to look at your application.  

We'll arrange a hearing with the licensing committee within 20 working days from the representation period end date. If a hearing is held a licence will be granted, granted with some extra conditions or refused.

Tacit consent

Tacit consent applies to premises licences this means that you can assume your application has been granted after the 28 day consultation period has ended unless you've heard from us that there have been representations from responsible authorities or interested parties.