Make small changes to a premises licence, like adding or changing licensable activities and operating times.

You can apply for minor variations to your premises licence such as:

  • small changes to premises layouts or structures
  • reduce licensing hours
  • move the hours for alcohol within 7am and 11pm
  • removal of out of date, irrelevant or unenforceable conditions
  • add conditions
  • add licensable activities, only regulated entertainment and late night refreshment can be added

Before you apply

Read our pdf guidance for minor variation applications (192 KB) .

You must also check:

  • if you need any other permissions, such as permission from the landowner to use the site
  • any restrictions, such as restrictions on planning permission or restrictions on your lease

The licence you get will not override these permissions and you must make sure you are complying with all restrictions.

Apply online

Apply for a minor variation to a premises licence
on the GOV.UK website

Other ways to apply

Fill in and return  pdf application for minor variation form. (398 KB)

If you want someone else to discuss your application or licence with us on your behalf, you'll need to give us written permission./p>

How to pay


A minor variation costs £89


If you apply online you pay directly with a debit or credit card.

If you apply by post you need to pay by cheque or postal order made payable to Bristol City Council

Let people know about the application

You must display a notice of the application at the premises for 10 working days starting from the day after the application was  submitted . The site notice must be:

  • on white paper
  • A4 size or larger
  • large font header font size 32 or larger and content font size 16 or larger

There is a sample site notice for a minor variation in our pdf guidance notes (192 KB) .

What happens next

There's a 10 working day representation period from the date you apply. We'll consult with any responsible authorities that we need to. After this time well take account of any representations made.

If the variation won't have a negative effect on any of the licensing objectives of prevention of crime and disorder, public safety, prevention of public nuisance, and protection of children from harm we'll grant the licence.  Where we think the change will have a negative effect we'll refuse the licence.

Tacit consent doesn't apply

Tacit consent doesn't apply to minor variation applications.  You must have confirmation from us that the variations have been added to your licence.