Parks maintenance

Parks maintenance includes:

  • grass cutting
  • pruning shrubs and ornamental borders
  • cutting hedges
  • emptying litter bins and litter picking
  • maintaining sports pitches
  • sweeping hard surfaces
  • cleaning and repairing park facilities such as benches and toilets

Changes to grass cutting

The number of times we cut the grass may have changed in some areas, with some sites increasing in frequency and some decreasing.  On some sites we may have grass at different heights in different places.

Some areas of grass will be deliberately left longer – sometimes to provide more interest, to benefit wildlife and to create wildflower meadows.

Changes to tackling other issues

We'll be spending more time targeting larger problems such as litter and overgrown shrubs, and carrying out more repairs to seating and footpaths using a specialist team to target areas most in need. 

The service will increasingly be working with neighbourhood partnerships  to identify where work is most needed.

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