Parks maintenance

We look after Bristol’s parks, estates and nature reserves. We carry out regular maintenance and sort out issues to do with:

  • play areas
  • grass cutting
  • leaves and blossom
  • hedges, shrubs or brambles
  • Japanese knotweed or giant hogweed
  • bins, litter or rubbish
  • footpaths
  • car parks
  • toilets
  • walls, fences or gates
  • signs and noticeboards
  • seats and benches
  • lights
  • abandoned vehicles

On council owned land around blocks of flats and sheltered accommodation or on a roadside, roundabout or riverbank, we maintain and treat:

  • grass
  • hedges
  • shrubs
  • brambles
  • Japanese knotweed
  • giant hogweed

Report a problem in a play area, park or open space

Use this form to report a problem in a park or open space. You’ll need to tell us what the problem is and exactly where it is. You can also upload photos of the problem.

Report a problem