Trees and meadows

Trees and meadows

Report a problem with a tree, comment on a tree felling notice and how you can help with tree planting.

We own and manage over 100,000 trees across the city in parks, on streets, in school grounds and in other public spaces.

Our tree management policies (pdf, 175k) (opens new window)

  • Report a problem with a tree

    Let us know about any tree issues, including overhanging branches, fallen trees or trees causing an obstruction.

  • Comment on a tree felling notice

    Use this form to comment on a tree felling notice. You'll need the site name and tree number.

  • Trees for Streets

    We’re planting a new generation of trees and you can support us by sponsoring or adopting a tree.

  • One Tree Per Child

    Volunteer to help us plant trees or have your say on where we plant trees.

  • Meadow Bristol: urban meadows

    Meadow Bristol is a project that aims to create beauty across the city in a sustainable way by setting up meadows.

  • One Tree Per Employee

    What the One Tree Per Employee campaign is and how to get involved.

  • Ash dieback

    What ash dieback is, what we’re doing about ash trees in our parks and streets, what you need to do if you have ash trees on your land.

Bristol Tree Forum

Bristol Tree Forum

This is a group of volunteers who carry out work to increase the number of trees in Bristol. Find out more at Bristol Tree Forum.