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What the Trees for Streets scheme is, how it works, why trees are important, how you can help water our trees.

We've planted around 90,000 new trees since 2016. We'll be planting a new generation of 10,000 trees this year. Help to support us by sponsoring a tree today.

We've joined the Trees for Streets scheme which is a project from national urban tree charity Trees for Cities. The project makes it easy for you to help with planting trees in Bristol.

How it works

Visit Bristol's Trees for Streets page to sponsor a tree online. 

You can sponsor:

  • a street tree near your house, or in your neighbourhood
  • a celebration tree which can be planted in selected parks and green spaces across the city

After you submit your request,  your chosen location will be checked. 

If your spot is suitable:

  • your tree will be planted in the winter months, as this is the best time to plant young trees to make sure they grow well
  • you'll donate either £160 if you water the tree, or £295 if we water the tree 

Why trees are important

Trees deliver lots of benefits in our neighbourhoods. They:

  • capture carbon dioxide and produce oxygen
  • improve our health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally
  • improve air quality by acting like natural filters
  • protect us from flooding
  • create shading and cooling 
  • provide natural habitats for insects and wildlife
  • improve how an area looks and feels

Help water our trees

Newly planted trees need to be watered regularly.

If you choose us to water your sponsored tree

We'll water them:

  • once a week in the first year after planting
  • every 2 weeks in the second year in the summer

We may not need to water them during long periods of wet weather.

If you choose to water the tree yourself

You'll get advice about:

  • when you should water them
  • how much water they need

You'll get sent regular reminders.

When the weather is hot and dry it can be hard to give every newly planted tree enough water. You can give a tree outside your house a bucket of water to help it to grow. It's best to water them early in the morning or later in the evening. 

You should only water them when:

  • it's safe
  • the tree is close to your property
  • you don't have to cross a road to get to it