Change your address on residents’ parking permits

We’ll send you a new parking permit or give you a refund for unused months depending on where you’re moving to.

Moving out of a scheme area completely

If you're not going to live in a residents' parking scheme area, send us your current permit so we can refund you for any unused months.

Post your permit and a note with your new address to: Parking Services (permits 3025)PO Box 3176, BS3 9FS

You’ll be sent a refund within 28 days.

Moving from one residents’ parking scheme to another

At least two weeks before you move, you need to:

You’ll be sent a refund for any unused months on your old permit within 28 days.

Moving within the same residents’ parking scheme area

You can transfer your permits between addresses for free. You need to:

  • send us confirmation of your new address, like a copy of a recent bill or statement

  • email it to
  • you can also post it to: Parking Services (permits 3025)PO Box 3176, BS3 9FS

You can keep your permit and it will remain valid until it expires.