Find a holiday activity in your area

Find a holiday activity in your area

What Your Holiday Hub (YHH) is, who can take part, how to find activities in your area.

What Your Holiday Hub is

The Your Holiday Hub (YHH) programme provides activities that:

  • help build children and young people’s confidence and social skills through play, sport, adventure, and friendship
  • aim to help Bristol’s children and young people make good memories this summer

YHH activities include:

  • sport
  • drama
  • cookery

Activities are taking place across Bristol this summer, in:

  • schools
  • community centres
  • open spaces

Who can take part in YHH activities

YHH is for school age children and young people who get benefits-related free school meals (FSM).

Over 80 organisations and providers in Bristol have already got funding to host over 1,600 activities across the city, from the 22 July to 3 September. Every activity will include a healthy and nutritious meal.

Families of children or young people who do not get benefits-related FSM can find holiday activities by area on our Family Information Service website.

Find Holiday Hub activities

You can search for holiday hub providers in your area (pdf, 451KB) (opens new window) .

The YHH programme is funded by the Department for Education (DfE) through the Holiday Activity and Food (HAF) grant.