Guidance and approved documents

Guidance and approved documents

Guidance on meeting building regulation requirements including approved documents and LABC guides.

Building regulations approved documents on GOV.UK

There are additions and alterations to the existing building regulations approved documents which came into effect 1 October 2015 including:

  • Document G: Sanitation, hot water
  • Document H: Drainage and waste disposal
  • Document M: Access to and use of buildings; major changes are made to this document
  • Document Q: Security (dwellings), this is a new document

LABC Guide to extending your home

This guide will take you through the building control process and show you how your project will be affected by the Building Regulations.

LABC New Home Warranty

A quality service offering specific competitive products for speculative residential housing, social housing and self-build.

Planning Portal interactive house

Householder guidance on what needs building regulations.

Health and Safety Executive

What you need to know if you’re doing or having construction and building work carried out.

Bristol Water

Find out what your legal obligations are to provide a separate connection to the water main.


A guide to sustainable construction.  It provides information to help you design more energy and resource efficient buildings using materials and technologies to help minimise damage to people and the environment.