A partner authority scheme allows a company to partner with a council of their own choice.

The partner authority will deal with all pre-application and design work wherever the project is located in England and Wales. 

How to become a partner

Contact us to find out about becoming a partner.

Benefits of partnering

  • partnering helps those companies who operate in multiple locations and deal with many councils
  • partnering enables a company or adviser to have a one to one working relationship with a preferred council for advice and plan appraisal
  • site inspections are carried out by the council where each project is carried out
  • the Local Authority Building Control LABC has over 2,500 successful partnership agreements throughout the country
  • professionals working in regional or national companies also like a business relationship with the following benefits
  • the convenience of a single building control Partner Authority managing the process in councils around the country
  • consistent advice and approach to best practice
  • competitive pricing
  • expert knowledge from people who have practical experience in innovative design
  • a multi-disciplined approach co-ordinating specialists from fire, police, highways, environmental health and planning
  • detailed local knowledge and local circumstances to provide solutions on 'difficult' or complex sites
  • a fast turnaround on plan checking, inspection and completion certification

Contact information

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Opening Hours

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