Whitehouse Street regeneration

Whitehouse Street regeneration

What the Whitehouse Street regeneration proposal is, what a regeneration framework and a community manifesto are, how to have your say about the proposals.

We’re right at the start of this project and want to hear from local people about what they want to see happen in the area.

The regeneration of the area around Whitehouse Street is a new project to transform this area of Bedminster, so that it supports Bristol’s growing population and economy. 

We want to: 

  • create a better environment for residents and businesses
  • help respond to city challenges, including: 
    • homes for Bristol’s growing population
    • the climate and ecological emergency
    • the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 

Whitehouse Street is in the north east of Bedminster. The area either side of Whitehouse Street includes the Bedminster Industrial Estate (East). The map below shows the full area.

Whitehouse Street development plot map

Whitehouse Street development, view full size image.(opens new window) (jpg, 409KB) (opens new window)

About the Whitehouse regeneration project

We want to create a thriving neighbourhood with: 

  • new homes
  • better community and public spaces
  • new job opportunities

Businesses play an important role in the life of the city and we want to create a mixed neighbourhood where homes and businesses co-exist.

As part of Bristol’s One City Plan, we are committed to meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including addressing poverty, inequality, health and wellbeing, and the environment, in order to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. The regeneration around Whitehouse Street will be underpinned by these principles.

To help us do this we’re starting to create a regeneration framework with: 

The framework should be complete by the end of 2021.

What a regeneration framework is

A regeneration framework is a document that brings together urban planning, transport and design thinking, with inclusive and sustainable growth, in order to guide change in an area. 

It’s there to make sure that: 

  • any changes to an area work well together
  • the three landowners can collaborate to: 
  • transform the area
  • bring about the long-term vision set out in the framework

No planning applications will be submitted before the framework is complete and has been agreed by the Bristol City Council Cabinet. If the Cabinet agrees to it, the framework will: 

  • be used in the planning process 
  • help shape planning applications

How we’ll get local people’s opinions

We’re working with Action Greater Bedminster, a group that works to improve Bedminster and Southville, to create a Community Manifesto. The Community Manifesto will: 

  • gather ideas and opinions from the local community through engagement sessions
  • set out what local people would like to see happen and what is important in the area, for example: 
    • wildlife and green spaces
    • local culture
    • a mixture of housing 

The manifesto will inform: 

  • the regeneration framework for Whitehouse Street
  • detailed proposals for the area, as the project progresses

We’ll update this page with details about how you can contribute to the Community Manifesto.

Have your say

We want to work with the local community, businesses and interest groups as we develop our plan for the regeneration of the area. Proposals for regeneration will be informed by a mix of: 

  • landowner aspirations
  • planning policy
  • community and stakeholder engagement
  • several technical studies

By listening to and working closely with the local community and other stakeholders, we can create a long-term vision for change which everyone can get excited about. 

Find out more

Find out more on the Whitehouse Street website, which was created with Action Greater Bedminster.

You can also:

  • sign up to a newsletter with regular project updates
  • complete our community survey
  • leave comments on a community map of the area

We’ll update this website regularly with the latest project news.