What the City Centre Development and Delivery Plan is and how you can give feedback on the draft plan.

Bristol City Centre’s Regeneration Project

The Bristol City Centre Regeneration Project covers an area focused around: Broadmead, Castle Park and the Old City.

Two parts of the city centre have been identified with the greatest need for changes and represent the primary areas of opportunity for regeneration.

These areas are:

  • Broadmead
  • Castle Park

View the map of the City Centre Development and Delivery Plan study area

The City Centre Development and Delivery Plan

The Bristol City Centre Development and Delivery Plan provides a transformational vision and strategy for how the Bristol city centre should evolve in the coming years.

This ensures the plan is inclusive, sustainable and a reconnected place for everybody.

The plan looks at how we can ensure the city centre:

  • is a place of diverse retail
  • has vibrant cultural facilities
  • contains a thriving evening economy

While at the same time the city centre is somewhere that local people can call home.

Purpose and design

Its purpose is to guide future regeneration, development, and improvement works in an area where lots of change is anticipated.

The plan is designed to stand the test of time and respond to changes in economic, property and funding environments.

The six themes of the plan

The plan sets out how the vision can be realised through the consideration of six thematic strategies:

1: Destination and Identity

To reinforce a sense of place and experience within the city centre to help promote Bristol as an important regional retail and leisure core and a significant green destination.

2: Community and Culture

To embed communities and culture in a vibrant and inclusive day and evening economy by connecting with and building on Bristol’s reputation and creative energy.

3: Movement and Connections

To promote public transport links, including a better-connected Bus and Coach Station and establish central Bristol as a natural choice for walking and active travel from surrounding communities.

4: Public Realm and Open Space

To transform the streets and public spaces of the Broadmead area, to help progress the city’s identity, inclusiveness, and sustainability ambitions, and to help reconnect the city as a whole.

5: Green Infrastructure and Nature

To establish central Bristol as a connected place of green infrastructure with landscape streets, urban nature and improved links with Castle Park; St James’ Park and the Floating Harbour.

6: Land Use and Development

To diversify the uses within Broadmead and create a coherent and dynamic retail and leisure core and a neighbourhood for living. A place for everyone which supports a sequence of streets and spaces to create a richer canvas for public life.

Background of the plan

The City Centre Development and Delivery Plan was created between 2021 to 2023, building from the adopted City Centre Framework, July 2020.

The plan went out for consultation in the Summer of 2023 and was endorsed by Bristol City Council’s Cabinet in December 2023.

The document is a ‘material consideration’ for assessing planning applications, as well as Bristol City Council investment decisions in the area.

It is set out in two parts, which can be found on Supplementary planning documents practice notes and other planning guidance.