Bristol Autism Strategy

Bristol Autism Strategy

Information about the Bristol Autism Strategy

The Bristol Autism Strategy sets out our vision for services for people with autism.

It’s based on the Autism Act 2009 and the National Autism Strategy, but includes the needs of children with autism as well as adults.

We created the strategy with help from:

  • people with autism
  • carers of people with autism
  • professionals who work with people with autism

Autism review: Building Rights

We commissioned a report, produced by Sir Stephen Bubb, to help Bristol become a more welcoming place for autistic people and people with learning disabilities.

The Building Rights report makes three key recommendations to help services and systems become more aware and have a better understanding of the challenges faced by autistic people and people with learning disabilities:

  • Establish a Charter of Rights
  • Ensure a Right to Challenge
  • Establish an independent commissioner for autistic people and people with learning disabilities

Find the full Building Rights report (pdf, 244KB) (opens new window)