Companies owned by the council

Companies owned by the council

What companies the council owns or is involved with, and how they’re run.

The council focuses on these core values for its companies:

  • citizens at the heart, providing great services that are right for all citizens and customers
  • a commercial approach, which secures value for money and optimizes all available resources
  • partnerships and collaboration, to maximise opportunities for joint working
  • governance, fairness and transparency, implementing robust procedures to ensure regulatory and legal compliance
  • ethical standards, ensuring the well-being and protection of the work forces throughout the companies
  • innovation and improvement, continuously developing and improving our processes and working innovatively to secure improved outcomes

Bristol Holding Limited

The council owns a diverse set of companies which have been set up to benefit the people of Bristol and beyond. These companies sit under the Bristol Holding Company and report on quarterly basis to the Council’s Shareholder Group.

Bristol Holding Company (BHL) was established to support the Shareholder in managing its interests across its companies. It ensures strategic objectives are being delivered and supervises the day-to-day activities of the council’s companies.

BHL aspires to support the council's companies to deliver quality services in a commercially effective and efficient manner, whilst ensuring a strong contribution to improving social value. To work towards achieving this, BHL collaborates with the council, its Shareholder Group and the subsidiary board of directors.

Bristol Waste

Bristol Waste is Bristol’s recycling, waste collection and street cleansing company. We established Bristol Waste in 2015, as a first step in delivering better waste services for the people of Bristol.

As the ultimate owner of Bristol Waste, Bristol City Council is the only shareholder and contributes to its ongoing direction.

Bristol Waste employs over 580 local people who carry out over 17 million scheduled collections to over 196,000 households in the Bristol area.

You can find out more about the ways that Bristol Waste is reducing waste and increasing recycling in the city on the Bristol Waste website.

Goram Homes

Goram Homes was set up to increase the supply of new homes built each year across Bristol, that are of good quality, sustainable and affordable. They will create safe and engaging communities where people want to live, in Bristol and beyond.

Goram Homes will deliver profits back to its shareholder, Bristol City Council, and works with organisations that not only have the knowledge and track record to deliver financially successful projects but also share the same values and ethos as us.

Procurement opportunities with Goram Homes

Our Energy Service

We also provide energy services to businesses and public sector organisations through an internal team.

These services include:

  • energy efficiency projects
  • renewable energy projects
  • low-carbon heat projects

Find out more about our energy services on our Energy Service website.

Find out more

To find out more about any of the council’s companies, the Shareholder or Bristol Holding Company, contact, Shareholder Liaison Manager. The Holding Company business plan.