Council action on climate change

Council action on climate change

Mayor's climate emergency response action plan.

We've been working hard over the past 15 years to help the city reduce its contribution to climate change and to prepare for the impacts of climate change.

Climate Emergency Action Plan 

Our Climate Emergency Action Plan (pdf, 4.7MB) (opens new window) , sets out what we’re doing in response to the climate emergency.

This action plan sets out our ambition to be a carbon neutral and climate resilient city by 2030, and many actions we are taking to get there.

This work will continue to develop and we’ll play a leading role in creating a One City Climate Strategy for Bristol. The One City Climate Strategy will bring together many city organisations and partners to create a joined-up, comprehensive plan for Bristol. This will complement the Climate Emergency Action Plan which focuses on our response as an individual organisation.

Climate emergency: Mayor's response

In November 2018 the City Councillors and Mayor declared a Climate Emergency. 

The Mayor has now developed an initial plan of action in response to this:

Supporting evidence

The CO2 emission baseline report is the evidence base for the Mayor's Climate Emergency Action plan:

The baseline report sets out where the city’s emissions come from and how big they are, it also estimates what they will look like by 2030 if no action is taken beyond what is already planned. 

Environmental Sustainability Board

We have now established an Environmental Sustainability Board which will lead the development of a new Climate Strategy for Bristol.