Health and wellbeing strategy

Health and wellbeing strategy

Health and Wellbeing in Bristol

The Health and Wellbeing Board approved its strategy for Bristol in July 2013.

Bristol Health and Wellbeing Strategy (pdf, 793KB) (opens new window)

It addresses our local health priorities based on evidence from our Joint Strategic Health Assessment, stakeholder and public feedback.

Our Health and Wellbeing Board is currently putting together an Action Plan for the strategy. When this is completed, it will be featured on this page.

Why we need a strategy

This strategy is to make Bristol a healthy, living city. We aim to do this through:

  • setting clear priorities for Bristol
  • identifying areas where the Health and Wellbeing Board can make improvements to and
  • add value to existing services.

We also need to keep up with our growing population at the same time as a reduction in public spending without sacrificing the quality and availability of services. This is a big challenge.

The key themes of the strategy

We have identified four themes to make Bristol a place:

  • filled with healthy, safe and sustainable communities and places.
  • where health and wellbeing are improving.
  • where health inequalities are reducing.
  • where people get access to quality support when and where they need it.