Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) could help with some of the extra costs of living with long-term ill-health or a disability if you're aged 16 to state retirement age. PIP has replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Most people in Bristol who already get DLA will be invited to make a new claim under the PIP rules. When you're invited will depend on your age and whether your circumstances change. 

What will happen

You'll be sent a written invitation to claim PIP. You won't have the choice to stay on DLA so it's important that you claim as soon as you're invited.

You'll need to telephone the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to register your claim.  Find out how to claim on GOV.UK.

When you've made the claim you'll be sent a “How your disability affects you (PIP2)” form to fill in.  It's important you get advice when you fill in this form. To find an advice service local to you go to the ACFA website.

Most people are then asked to attend an assessment with a healthcare professional. After this you'll be sent a decision letter in the post.

What happens to your payments

If the DWP decide that you can get PIP, your payments will change once the decision is issued. 

If the DWP decide you're not entitled to PIP, you'll get a further 28 days' worth of payments after your next scheduled payment of DLA and then they will stop.

Once you're invited to claim PIP, you must reply straight away and provide all the information that's asked for.

If you send the forms back in time, you'll continue to get your DLA payments until your PIP claim is decided.

Your payments of DLA may end if you do not:

  • make a claim when you're invited
  • return the form
  • go to the assessment

If you disagree with the decision

You can ask for it to be reconsidered and you may be able to appeal to an independent tribunal. 

See the ACFA website for details of local advice services who may be able to help you with this. 

Who will be affected

Children under 16

Children under 16 can claim DLA. There are no plans to change this. You can claim DLA and renew DLA claims for children up until the day before their 16th birthday.

Children who have reached 16

When a child who gets DLA is nearly 16 they'll be invited to claim PIP.

Working age adults (16 to state pension age)

You'll be invited to claim PIP if you receive DLA and are between 16 and state pension age if:

  • you report a change of circumstance
  • your fixed term DLA award is due to end
  • you choose to self-select for PIP (even if you have an long-term or indefinite award)

If none of the above apply but you are between 16 and state pension age and receive DLA, you'll get a letter in the post inviting you to claim PIP, even if you have an indefinite award.

Check your state pension age on GOV.UK

DLA claimants who turned 65 after 8 April 2013

You'll be invited to claim PIP at some point, which means your whole award we be looked at.

DLA claimants who turned 65 before 8 April 2013

You'll stay on DLA and won't be invited to claim PIP.

If your circumstances change, your DLA award can also be changed. You should get independent advice before contacting the DWP.

If you get Attendance Allowance

If you get Attendance Allowance, you won't need or be able to claim PIP.

If you're state pension age or over and don't get DLA or PIP, you can claim Attendance Allowance. There are no plans to change this.