Where and when a cremation can take place, how to book one and how much it costs.

Where cremations can take place

Cremations can only take place at either of our crematoriums

  • South Bristol crematorium
  • Canford crematorium

A cremation can take place:

  • Monday to Friday
  • between 9am and 3.45pm

Arrange a cremation

Call Canford Cemetery and Crematorium or South Bristol Cemetery and Crematorium

Cremation fees from 1 April 2024

For the cremation of a:

  • stillborn child or a person under 18 years old at the time of their death: 
    • early service time (9am, 9.30am,10am): includes 30 minute slot and 20 minute service: free
    • regular time: includes 45 minute slot and 30 minute service: free
  • person 18 years old or older at the time of death:
    • early service time (9am, 9.30am,10am): includes 30 minute slot and 20 minute service: £845
    • regular time: includes 45 minute slot and 30 minute service:  £1,185

The above cremation fees include:

  • all professional fees relating to the administration and registration of the cremation, in line with statutory requirements
  • the use of our chapel and attendance of our Chapel Assistant on the day of the service
  • the use of our music system during the service
  • use of organist
  • the scattering of ashes in our Garden of Remembrance unwitnessed or the preparation of the ashes for their removal, along with a Cremation Certificate

We can also look after the ashes for a period of up to 2 months before requesting final instructions.


  • Additional time in the Chapel, includes 45 minute slot and 30 minute service: £240
  • Direct Cremation Fee £280 (a direct cremation is an unattended cremation with no mourners present)
  • Cremation Fees include any environmental levy where applicable

Other fees

  • Chapel use only, includes 45 minute slot and 30 minute service: £240
  • Witnessed scatter of ashes £45
  • Witnessed/Unwitnessed scatter of ashes where cremation took place elsewhere: £85

Memorial products to purchase direct from crematorium

For memorial and Book of Remembrance fees visit our Cremation and memorials page.

Additional media services

We can also provide these media services:

Single Photo
Shown throughout service or at a specified Time - FREE

Single Photo (2nd): £20
For any additional images beyond the single photo.

Basic slideshow: : £65 
Photo slideshow of up to 25 photos, to display on a loop, or once, during the service.

Music Tribute: £85
Professional slideshor (up to 25 photos set to music)

Themed Tribute: £100
Choose from a range of curated themes and have up to 25 photos professionally edited and timed to a chosen piece of music

Extra Tribute Photos : £30
Up to 25 addional photos for professional slideshow

Tribute Download Link : £10
Downloadable copy of professional tribute

Family Supplied Tribute: £30
Professional checking an preparation of video tribute made by family (or third party)

Extra work Charge £25
Additional editing, revision or extra professional work not covered in standard packages above

Live + on demand: £65
Live webcast of service inc. live webcast (available for downloading for 28 days)

Keepsake Copy: £65
Webcast Recording to keep (we can provide a DVD or USB) First Copy

Keepsakes Video Book : £95
A portable video of the service, tribute or both set in its own A5 electronic screen

Keepsake Memory Box : £130
25 photos professionally printed and delivered in bespoke, personalised box alongside your service, tribute

Second Copies USB or DVD: £30
Webcast (additional copies in one of the formats above)

Second Copies Video Books :£50
Second Copies Memory Box : £70