A nature reserve of three areas of green space with meadows, hedgerows and woods.

The Northern Slopes are between Knowle, Knowle West and Bedminster in south Bristol and all offer spectacular views across the city.

The Northern Slopes is made of three areas of green space known as:

  • Wedmore Vale (or the Bommie)
  • Glyn Vale
  • The Novers

The Bommie and Glyn Vale have, together, been designated as a Local Nature Reserve.

The Slopes support a variety of habitats including meadows, hedgerows and wooded areas that provide a haven for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.


  • Opening hours: Open at all times
  • Admission is free.
  • No public toilets.  
  • Car parking is available on nearby streets and at The Park, Daventry Road, BS4 1DQ and Knowle West Health Park, Downton Road, BS4 1DQ during opening hours.
  • Wheelchair/buggy access is limited due to sleep slopes.
  • The most accessible entrance is beside St Barnabas Church, Daventry Road where a path leads to a view point. 

How do I get there

The Northern Slopes are located approximately 3km south of central Bristol.

The Bommie

You can enter The Bommie off Daventry Road, Stockwood Crescent, Wedmore Vale and Wingfield Road.

Glyn Vale

The entrance to Glyn Vake is off Wedmore Vale, Kenmare Road, Cavan Walk and Glyn Vale.

The Novers

You can enter The Novers off Sidford Road, Timsbury Road, Kingswear Road, Novers Hill and Novers Park Drive.


Daventry Road BS4 1DQ (entrance to The Bommie, adjacent to St Barnabas Church).



OS map reference: ST 596 705

Community support

These sites are managed by Bristol City Council in partnership with the Northern Slopes Initiative, a group of volunteers seeking to maintain, conserve and enhance the Slopes.  


The Slopes are remnants of former farmland that have gradually become enclosed by housing.  

They were converted to allotments during World War II.

Having remained relatively undisturbed in the years since then, the Slopes now provide a green oasis for nature and recreation.

Site status

  • Site of Nature Conservation Interest
  • Local Nature Reserve