Register as a Welcoming Space

We'd like more venues and organisations to become Welcoming Spaces.

If you have a space that fulfils the pdf Welcoming Space criteria (229 KB)  and you don't need financial support, you can register to become a Welcoming Space by completing the online form.

 Become a Welcoming Space

The information you submit will be shared into an online map for partners and residents to find out more about your Welcoming Space.

If you need this form in an accessible format or you have any questions about Bristol's Welcoming Spaces, email

Quartet Community Foundation funding for Welcoming Spaces

Voluntary Community and Social Enterprises (VCSE) can apply for funding through the Cost of Living Social Action Small Grant. The grant aims to support VCSE activity to reduce the impact of the cost of living crisis. The aim is to enable the development of support networks, online and in-person activities, and online and in-person Welcoming Spaces.

More information about the grant is available on the Quartet Community Foundation website.

City-wide offer to support the Welcoming Spaces

City organisations are working together to coordinate available support to the Welcoming Spaces.

The type of support may include:

  • support on money, welfare, and mental wellbeing
  • healthcare
  • employment and skills
  • funding
  • equipment
  • transport

If you're an organisation and can support the network of Welcoming Spaces through your services, fill in the online city-wide form.

The information will be collated and shared with our partners who will contact you if they're interested in your offer.

Read our  pdf privacy statement (214 KB)  to see what we do with your personal information.