Barton House evacuation: information for residents.

Information on our review of the local plan and how to take part.

The new local plan will set out how Bristol will develop up to 2040. It will help deliver the new homes and jobs we need and safeguard the environment we value.

Have your say

The publication version of the new plan was agreed by Full Council on 31 October 2023.

We'd like your representations on the new local plan:

Representations will be considered by the planning inspector who examines the local plan.

The deadline for representations is Friday 26 January 2024.

After this date, the plan will be submitted to the secretary of state for independent examination.

You must provide your name and a means of being contacted for your representation to be valid.


You can make your representations and upload supporting documents online.

Email or post

You can also send your representations by email or post.

Use our template for email and postal representations:

Fill out Part A once. You will need to complete Part B for each representation you want to make.

Send your representations by email to

Or post it to:

Strategic City Planning Team (CH),
Bristol City Council,
PO Box 3399,

Your representations will be made publicly available.

pdf A statement of representations procedure (125 KB) has been prepared as required by Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012.

For details of how we use, manage and control your information, read our pdf privacy statement (261 KB) .

Sustainability appraisal

We are carrying out a sustainability appraisal as part of the local plan review:


A habitats assessment will accompany the local plan. You can read the pdf screening report for that assessment (13.97 MB) .

Statement of consultation

To accompany the publication version of the new local plan, we've prepared a pdf statement of consultation (1.74 MB) .

It sets out how the council has responded to comments made at earlier stages of consultation and how they've informed the plan.

Equality impact assessment

An  pdf equality impact assessment (929 KB) has been undertaken for the local plan. This looks at the potential effects of the plan's policies on different equalities groups.

Strategic cross-boundary matters

Read a  pdf statement of our progress (387 KB) in the process of planning for strategic cross-boundary issues.

Earlier stages of plan preparation

The local plan review has gone through a number of earlier stages of preparation and consultation.

Further consultation November 2022

A consultation was held between November 2022 and January 2023 on the following documents:

Find a pdf summary of responses to the consultation (1.22 MB) .

Local plan review consultation March 2019

We held a consultation on the local plan from March to May 2019. The consultation drafts are available here for information:

Here's a pdf summary of responses to the March 2019 consultation (2.19 MB) .

Local plan review consultation February 2018

In 2018, we conducted an initial consultation on the local plan review and new proposed policies. This consultation informed the early stages of plan preparation.


The publication version of the Bristol Local Plan has been informed by various evidence studies and reports.

Local development scheme

The  pdf latest local development scheme (316 KB) was published in November 2022 and the timetable updated in July 2023.

Questions on the local plan review

If you have any questions about the local plan review, email