Find out about trees in conservation areas and when you need to tell us about proposed works

If you want to carry out works to trees in a conservation area you must give us six weeks' notice of your intention to do these works and must not start work within that period.

Find out if a tree is in a conservation area

Use our interactive map Go to (opens new window) to find out whether your building or street is in a conservation area or contact us on 0117 922 3000.

Tree works

You need to give us notice if you plan to do works that include the felling, lopping, topping and cutting the roots of a tree in a conservation area.

What works can be done without giving notice

  • works to a tree of a diameter not more than 75mm at 1.5 metres above ground level, or 100mm if cutting down trees to improve the growth of other trees, for example thinning operations
  • where works are needed to carry out a full planning permission
  • the pruning of fruit trees where the trees are cultivated and the pruning is needed for fruit production
  • works carried out by, or on behalf of, us
  • where a tree is dead or imminently dangerous; you'll need to give us notice of works to dead or dangerous trees.

Find out more about dead or dangerous trees

How to give notice

See make an application for works to trees to find out how to give us notice.

What happens if you carry out works without giving notice

You're guilty of an offence if you cut down, uproot, top, lop, deliberately destroy or damage a tree in a conservation area.

You could be prosecuted.  If convicted, you may be fined up to £20,000 in the Magistrates Court for each tree.

You would also need to replace any tree removed without permission.

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