Relationship support for separated or separating parents

If you're separating or getting a divorce, and if arguments between you and your co-parent happen often and stay unresolved this can cause harm to children.

It's important for you to put aside bad feelings and work together to resolve any issues.

These resources can help you discuss and resolve issues concerning your children.

Separating better

Separating better Go to (opens new window) is a free app that helps you self-manage your separation.

The app has features to:

  • help with budgeting and legal arrangements
  • create a personalised parenting plan
  • make co-parenting arrangements that work in the best interests of children
  •  watch videos that show typical co-parenting scenarios and help parents to improve their conflict resolution and communication skills
  •  read evidence-based articles with advice on separation and co-parenting

Download the app from the Apple app store for iOS devices Go to (opens new window)

Download the app from the Google Play store for Android devices Go to (opens new window)

Getting it right for children course

This course helps you develop effective ways to co-operate after separation. When you separate, it's easy for children to get caught in the middle of your disagreements.

Register at OnePlusOne Go to (opens new window) with your name and email to start the free course.

Getting it right for children skills cards

These skills cards are for you if you are doing the Getting it right for children course. The cards help remind you of key communication skills from the course.

Bristol City Council parenting courses

We have a range of parenting courses including the Parenting When Separated Programme run by Bristol City Council.

Parent Plus Parenting when Separated course

This free seven-week course of two and a half hours per session is for parents who are preparing for, going through or have gone through a separation or divorce.

The course focusses on personal development and coping. Parents should attend the course alone. Separated parents of the same children should attend separate courses.

For information about the Parenting when Separated course, or advice about parental relationship support email and a parental relationship practitioner will get back to you.

Support for Inter-Parental Conflict (SIPCo) project

pdf The SIPCo project (835 KB) aims to help you learn how to reduce conflict between you and your co-parent.

The SIPCo project could help you if you:

  • have a child or children aged between 8 and 14
  • find it hard to get on with your partner or your ex
  • often argue with your partner or your ex, or have stopped talking to each other

Email for information.

National Family Mediation

National Family Mediation Go to (opens new window) have a team of skilled mediators in Bristol who can provide family mediation services.

Many clients who can get Legal Aid Go to (opens new window) will get mediation services free of charge.

Schools training resource

National Family Mediation

National Family Mediation also has a schools training resource Go to (opens new window).

It is aimed at teachers but does have information that may be useful to you.

The Rights Idea

The Rights Idea? | Network on Family Regulation and Society | University of Exeter Go to (opens new window) is a project between Exeter University, National Youth Advocacy Service project and the National Association of Child Contact Centres (NACCC).

The project:

  • highlights and explains the rights of children when their parents decide to separate
  • has Key Stage 3 and 4 lesson plans for schools
  • explores young people's rights to information, consultation and representation when their parents separate


Free online course parenting after separation Go to (opens new window).

Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families

Advice and guidance for Parents and carers in conflict or separating Go to (opens new window).

Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service (Cafcass)

The Planning Together For Children course Go to (opens new window) supports cooperative parenting. It helps you think about the needs of your children first when you're working out how to parent together when separating or living apart.

The online course isn't available for parents outside of the court process or who want to refer themselves, but you can use the Parenting Plan Go to (opens new window).

If you can't access the link or don't want to do the plan online, you can use the Word version Go to (opens new window).

Further information and support

Family Separation Support Hub Go to (opens new window)

NACC Child Contact Centres Go to (opens new window)

Proud 2 b Parents Mediation Service Go to (opens new window)