How to complain about a taxi driver, vehicle or company

If you have a complaint about a taxi driver, vehicle or company, try and talk to the driver or company. If you've done that and the issue hasn't been sorted out, you can complain to us.

How to complain

Use our online form to complain about a:

If you're complaining about a driver or vehicle, we'll need to know one of these details:

  • taxi's registration number
  • taxi's licence number: displayed inside the taxi and on the plate at the front and back of the taxi
  • driver's badge number: drivers have two badges, they must wear one and display the other on the dashboard, inside their taxi

We'll also need your details, such as your name and email address. Your information will be kept confidential.

Make a taxi complaint

What happens next

We'll contact you within five working days. We might ask you to give us a witness statement.

If we think the driver or company has done something wrong, we'll ask the Public Safety and Protection Committee to look at the complaint. They can suspend or take their licence away.

Some cases might go to court and we might ask you to be there.

We'll let you know if the police are involved with your case or you need to tell them about your complaint.