Hackney carriage fares

Journeys inside the city boundary

The council sets hackney carriage fares for journeys that take place entirely within the  pdf city boundary  (3.56 MB)

A copy of the pdf tariff of fares (21 KB)  should be displayed within the vehicle.

Drivers must use the taximeter fitted to the vehicle to calculate the fare. The amount shown on the meter is the maximum fare that can be charged. The meter will show 0000 (zero) when you enter the vehicle. The starting fare will show as soon as the vehicle moves.

If you have any concerns about how much you have been charged please contact us through our online form.

Journeys outside the city boundary

If your journey goes outside the city boundary the driver does not have to use the meter.

Negotiate the fare with the driver before you set off. The driver must tell you the fare to be paid. If you don't ask for a change to the journey en route this is the fare you should pay.

If you cannot agree a fare with the driver then find another licensed driver and vehicle and negotiate with them.

Disabled passengers

There is no charge for assistance dogs for the disabled or for carrying aids like wheelchairs.

Private hire fares

The council does not set fares for private hire.

Some vehicles may have a meter fitted. Some private hire operators may use the same fares as hackney carriage vehicles. Others may not.

When you book, you are making an agreement with the private hire operator to provide you with a vehicle and driver to take you on your journey. You should be told what the approximate cost of the journey will be.

Make sure that you have enough money to pay for the journey.