What you may have to pay for your care and support

If we have agreed that you need care and support it's likely that you'll have to contribute to the cost.

If you have £23,250 in savings you'll have to contribute the full cost of any care services received.

How we work out your exact contribution

Someone will visit you to do a confidential financial assessment, to find out about your personal finances.

Your exact contribution is worked out from this information.

How we work out what money you can get (pdf, 242k) (opens new window)

Living at home - work out your estimated contribution

Estimate your contribution online
on the Preliminary Assessment Form  

Information about Bristol City Council Care and Support charges (pdf, 242k) (opens new window)

These will give you an estimated figure as a guide, but not the exact or final amount that you'll pay.

Everyone has to pay separate charges for some services in addition to their contribution. These include the meals service and personal alarm systems.

Living in a care home - how we work out your contribution

The leaflet below explains how we work out what help you can get towards a home’s charges and what you'll have to pay.

Information about Bristol City Council Care and Support charges (pdf, 242k) (opens new window)

Self-directed support (personal budget)

You can decide how much or how little control you want over your personal budget. We call this self-directed support.

  • You may want us to manage your budget and arrange all your care services.
  • You may want to take complete control over your budget and have the money paid to you as direct payments so you can manage and arrange your own support.
  • You may choose to have some of your budget managed by us, whilst controlling the rest of it yourself.

If you can't manage your budget yourself, a responsible family member or agreed person can manage it for you.

Your guide to self-directed support (pdf, 314 KB) (opens new window) (pdf, 314k) (opens new window)

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