Trading days and times for outdoor markets are subject to change. See our Facebook or Twitter pages for the latest information.

Products you can sell in the Christmas market, arrival, setup and end of trading, equipment we provide and what you need to bring.

Bristol's Clean Air zone started on Monday 28 November 2022.

You'll need to drive through it to get to St. Nick's Market.

Use the government's checking tool to check if you'll be charged to drive your vehicle in Bristol's Clean Air Zone.

Products you can sell at Christmas at St Nick's market

During the Bristol Indies market application,we:

  • choose market traders with authentic and original products or services
  • try to keep a good balance of trade, to give people the best shopping experience

Other market traders may offer similar or identical products to the ones you sell.

We will not be restricting any trader product lines, for example clothes or jewellery, during Christmas at St Nick's.

Email if you want to:

  • change the products you're selling, or include Christmas products
  • sell closed containers of alcohol

We'll consider changes to approved products on a case-by-case basis.

Arrival, setup, end of day

We'll drop the bollards and allow traders' vehicles on site from 8.30am. You can start setting up your stall then.

Vehicles must leave the site by 9.45am. The bollards are put back in at 10am.

You must be onsite by 9.45am. After 9.45am, access will be closed to vehicles and we will not refund the pitch fee if you do not attend.

While moving vehicles on the market site, you must:

  • use hazard lights at all times
  • keep your speed down to around 5mph
  • always drive in a forward direction
  • give absolute priority to pedestrians at all times

No reversing allowed.

If you're running late

If you're running late, you must call the office and let us know. The bollards will go in at 10am, so you'll need to offload from the side of the street.

Finishing trading

The bollards will be removed at:

  • 5pm on weekdays and Sundays
  • 6pm on Saturdays

All vehicles must be off site by:

  • 6pm on weekdays and Sunday
  • 7pm on Saturdays

Traders' parking

Trader parking on Wine Street is no longer available.

Access to Corn Street for unloading and reloading is the same as it was before.

If your vehicle is 1.9 meters or less, we can give you a ticket for the Galleries car park that is pre-set at £6.00 parking per day. Our staff will hand these out on the day of the market. You do not need this ticket before parking.

If your vehicle does not fit into the Galleries car park, you can find alternative parking on our Car parking and Park and Ride page.

Check each car park for individual information around height restrictions, minimum stay and so on.

Trading times

The trading times are:

  • 10am to 5pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday
  • 10am to 6pm on Saturday

On Christmas Eve, the market closes at 3pm.

Stalls should not close down or pack up during these hours, except under exceptional circumstances. This must be agreed with the Market Officer on duty.

Market umbrella stalls and tables

The market umbrella is:

  • 8ft x 8ft (2.4m x 2.4m) wide
  • around 6ft (1.8m) tall

The market tables are 6ft x 2 1/4ft (1.8m x 0.7m). We provide 2 tables.

The market has a neat and uniform appearance. Our market equipment is robust and safe in more extreme weather conditions. It helps us:

  • monitor the dimensions of our trading spaces fairly
  • maintain clear customer browsing sightlines

Traders without vehicles do not have to worry about transporting heavy tables and gazebos as well as stock.

We do not provide weather-protection side sheets. You'll need to bring your own if you need any. They must be transparent.

Clamps are useful for putting up the side sheets.

We do not provide chairs or stools. We advise you to bring something to sit on.

You may also want to bring:

  • tablecloths
  • warm and waterproof clothes and footwear

Stall lights and electricity

Electricity supply

You can use the electrical supply boxes behind the stalls in Corn Street and Wine Street. The supply is a round 16amp socket. It can be used in the rain.

If you're using the onsite electrical supply, you must use 16amp C-form cables and sockets suitable for use in all weather conditions. You must have the appropriate connection cable.

Stall lights

It's going to get dark in the afternoons. Lights help highlight your stock.

If you want to keep the standard three pin plug, to use the lights elsewhere, you must invest in a minimum of IP65 Rated waterproof conversion box with a sealed lid. It lets you safely plug in your normal sockets and has a conversion that connects to the 16amp supply.

Can use: cable with waterproof conversion box

Weatherproof cable

Cannot use: standard 3pin extension cable

Standard 3pin extension cable

We'll check and monitor your electrical cables and equipment. If you use any item that is unsafe or unsuitable for outdoor use, we'll disconnect your supply until you find a safe alternative and agree it with the markets team.

Use all electrical equipment at your own risk. You must inspect and PAT test any electrical items you use at the market. Bristol City Council accepts no liability.


Toilets are in The Exchange Hall.

Both male and female toilets have dedicated trader only cubicles, for which an access code is required. This code will be provided on the Christmas trading Facebook page.

There are handwashing facilities and hot and cold water.