Trading days and times for outdoor markets are subject to change. See our Facebook or Twitter pages for the latest information.

A varied mix of stalls selling original fashion, vintage, hand-crafted accessories, records, unique gifts and everything in between.

A range of services are also available from key cutting to clothing alterations, shoe repairs to jewellery repairs and many more.

Some trinkets in a shop


Exchange Hall

Rings for sale in a shop

A & P Jewellery

Covered Market

Toy soldiers

Avon Models

Exchange Hall

Three people wearing t shirts with writing on them

Beast Clothing

Exchange Hall

Bottles of oil on a shelf

Be Natural Products

Exchange Hall

Books on shelves in a shop

Beware of the Leopards

Covered Market

Nail varnish and fluorescent body paint

Bong Shop

Glass Arcade

Some grey scarves

Fil Blanc

Exchange Hall

Woolen clothing and a button

Hey Jo Jo

Exchange Hall

Hot Sauce Emporium logo

Hot Sauce Emporium

Exchange Hall (Stall 4)

Man polishing a shoe in a shop

Instant Services

Covered Market

A white ornamental cat


Exchange Hall

Wooden hearts hanging up in a shop

Jewellery Lane

Covered Market

Bottles of pepper sauce in a shop

Kalahari Moon

Covered Market

A comb, brush and some scissors in a white pot

Kamuren's Barber Shop

All Saints Lane

Three bunches of pink and white flowers

Lucy Anna Flowers

Glass Arcade

Fabric hung up in a shop


Lower Exchange Hall

Necklaces for sale in a shop


Exchange Hall

Hats for sale in a shop

Midtown Avenue

Exchange Hall

Skirts for sale in a shop


Exchange Hall

A tray of rings with orange stones in them

Orient Express Silver

22 Exchange Hall

A shop selling books and cards

Other Worlds are Possible

Lower Exchange Hall

A shop selling T-shirts

Over Here

South Arcade

Someone looking through a stack of records in a shop

Payback Records

South Arcade

Some phone cases with flowers on them

Phone Junkies

Covered Market

White mugs with black writing on them

Quadrant Trading

Exchange Hall

A shop selling board games

Rules of Play

Covered Arcade

Black rock T-shirts hung up in a shop

The Rock Shop

Covered Market

Colourful thread hung up

Sew & Sew

Covered Market

Someone repairing a wood instrument

Studio 7 Music Repairs

Covered Market

Lots of jars of sweets

Treasure Island Sweets

Covered Market

A painting of Bristol Harbour


South Arcade

Records in a shop

Wanted Records

Covered Market

A big fossil in a glass box

World Fossils

Exchange Hall