The range of activities and projects run by or in partnership with The HOPE.

The HOPE Creative

The HOPE Creative offers in-person workshops on a monthly basis and free online one-to-one music lessons for children in care aged 6 to 18 in Bristol.

The HOPE Creative online one to one lessons

If your child wants to do music lessons and already attends The HOPE Creative, they'll try to pair your child with one of their regular tutors. If they can't do this, they'll give you a tutor with similar skills and experience. All their tutors are qualified, experienced and DBS checked.

The HOPE Creative tailors their online lessons to meet the needs and interests of each young person. They'll arrange a phone call with you before matching your child with a tutor.

Your child doesn't have to choose a specific instrument, although they can if they want to. You don't need any musical equipment at home.

Lessons can be creative and exploratory, develop skills, or both. You can talk to The HOPE Creative about how to make the online format work for your child.

Lessons are held between 9am and 7pm from Monday to Saturday. You get a one hour slot, and you decide how much of the hour your child uses. You agree this with the tutor. You also decide with the tutor how often your child has lessons. The lessons will be over 2 school terms.

Sometimes a member of the Bristol Beacon will join a lesson:

  • to check the quality of the lesson, and
  • for safeguarding purposes

A child's social worker can also come to lessons if they want to.

How online lessons work

The HOPE Creative do the lessons on a Microsoft Teams or Zoom video call. They're both free to use.

When you've booked your lessons, The HOPE Creative email you a 'How to guide' for parents and carers. This explains how to join the lessons, and how your tutor will run them.

What you need for online lessons

How to register for online lessons

To find out more or to register for lessons, email In your email, say that you want more information about The HOPE Creative Online. The HOPE Creative will reply as soon as they can.

Read The HOPE Creative's Terms and Conditions and Code of Conduct Go to (opens new window) before your child starts their lessons.

The Letterbox Club

The Letterbox Club Go to (opens new window) is a national project run by BookTrust.

In 2022 about 150 pupils from Years N2, 1, 3,  5 and 7 are taking part in the project.

Each child is sent a parcel of books, maths games and stationery once a month for 6 months, from May 2022.

BookTrust commissioned a report on Reading in Foster Families. Go to (opens new window)

My Books

My Books is a project run by Bristol Libraries and The HOPE.

In 2022, the project includes over 50 children from Years 2, 4 and 6.

From September 2022 a parcel containing a book, resources and fun educational materials is sent to the child's home setting each month for 6 months.

The foster carer also gets a letter with hints and tips on how to use the packs and information about Bristol Libraries.

The progress of every child taking part in The Letterbox Club and My Books is tracked in The HOPE's database.

Visits to universities

The HOPE organises visits to universities for young people in care to get a taster of higher education as an option for their future.

National Citizen Service (NCS)

The NCS offers 15 to 17 year olds the chance to embark on exhilarating challenges and build skills for work and life.  

The service offers a 2 or 3 week programme in teams of 15 young people. 

The 3 week programme includes:

  • an adventure week away
  • a week of developing your skills
  • a week to design and deliver a social action project of your choice 

The 2 week programme is exactly the same, however it's more suitable for those who prefer not to stay away from home, as it does not include the first adventure week.

The NCS takes place in the local community outside term time. Care experienced young people are eligible for a bursary.

Find out more about the NCS Go to (opens new window)

Some of The HOPE's young people have taken part in the NCS.  pdf Read about their experiences (91 KB) .

Work experience

The HOPE can sometimes help arrange work experience for young people in care. Some of Bristol City Council's departments have been able to provide opportunities, such as the Legal team. Contact The HOPE lead Go to web/the-hope/contact (opens new window) for the young person if you have questions.

Contact us

Call: 0117 903 6282
Write: The HOPE Virtual School (CH), PO Box 3399, Bristol, BS3 9NE

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