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What Pupil Premium funding is and how it's used.

What Pupil Premium is

Pupil Premium is extra funding from the government to help disadvantaged children and young people do better in their education. Pupil Premium funding only applies to England.

Children in care can get Pupil Premium funding if they've been in care for at least one day.

There are two types of Pupil Premium funding for children in care:

  • Early Years Pupil Premium: three and some four year olds
  • Children in Care (CiC) Pupil Premium: Reception Year up to the end of Year 11 for state school pupils. This is sometimes called Looked After Children (LAC) Pupil Premium.

We give the funding to education settings in three payments across the year because children sometimes move education settings or schools.

How the funding works

Early Years

Your foster child can get Early Years Pupil Premium funding if they're 3, or 4 and not in a school reception class yet.

The funding is up to £302 per year depending on the number of hours the child goes to their education setting, up to a maximum of 15 hours per week.

You should talk to the designated person in the early years setting about:

  • what difference the funding has already made to your foster child
  • how the next amount of Pupil Premium will be used to help with things that have been identified as important in your foster child's Personal Education Plan

Bristol City Council's Early Years team organise Pupil Premium for this age group. Early Years Pupil Premium is given to mainstream settings, and private, voluntary and independent or special settings which Bristol looked after children mainly attend, both in Bristol and in other local authorities.

Reception to Year 11 pupils

Your foster child will be eligible for Children in Care Pupil Premium funding from Reception Year up to Year 11 if they're on the roll of a state school.

The HOPE expects at least 80% to be spent on English and maths.

Our virtual headteacher is responsible for allocating CiC Pupil Premium to schools. Schools have to meet certain criteria set by The HOPE to receive the funding.

You'll talk about how the Pupil Premium will be used and what difference it makes at your foster child's Personal Education Plan meetings.

Contact us

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Call: 0117 903 6282
Write: The HOPE Virtual School (CH), PO Box 3399, Bristol, BS3 9NE

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