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Education, Health and Care (EHC) plans

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What is an EHC plan

Who can have an EHC plan, what it must include, and how we write it.

What is an EHC needs assessment

How an EHC needs assessment helps us decide whether to create an EHC plan.

Ask for an EHC needs assessment

Who can ask for an EHC Needs Assessment, what to include with the request, what happens next.

What happens during an EHC needs assessment

How we assess your child's needs, and who we get information from.

What happens after an EHC needs assessment

What happens when we've carried out your child’s needs assessment.

When the EHC plan is in place

What to do when you get your child’s final EHC plan.

Reviewing an EHC plan

How often we review your child’s EHC plan and what we look at.

Resolving disagreements about SEND provision

How to make a complaint or appeal to the SEND tribunal.