When the EHC plan is in place

When the EHC plan is in place

What to do when you get your child’s final Education, health and care (EHC) plan

When we produce the final plan, it clearly states:

  • your child’s needs 
  • quantified and specified special educational provision (Section F)
  • short term outcomes, describing what we expect your child to achieve within 12 months
  • long term outcomes, describing what we expect your child to achieve within three to four years, usually to tie in with the end of a phase or stage of education

We issue the final EHC plan to you and all the professionals involved within 20 weeks of the request for a statutory Education Health and Care needs assessment. 

When we issue your child’s EHC plan

As soon as we make the EHC plan final, it becomes a legal document that must be followed. 

The senior assessment coordinator will send the final EHCplan to you with all the advice reports, which we used to write the plan. 

The final plan names the school, college or other institution that your child will go to. 

The senior assessment coordinator will also send copies of the EHC plan to the education provider and any professionals from education, health and social care who gave advice during the assessment.

If you’re unhappy with the final plan, speak to the SEN caseworker. Normally, any concerns you have should have been addressed when we sent you the draft EHC plan. You have extended rights of appeal to the first-tier Tribunal (Special Educational Needs and Disability)

Putting in place the support in your child’s EHC plan

The coordinator:

  • consults with the nearest, most appropriate education provider that can meet your child’s needs, as well as your preference so that we’re confident that the setting can meet your child’s needs and that they understand their legal responsibilities
  • makes sure transport arrangements are put in place, if we’ve agreed your family it entitled to assistance 
  • arranges for funding to be transferred to your child’s education provider if there are additional costs associated with the specified provision in your child’s EHC plan 

Your child’s education provider will put the provision your child needs in place. You can ask them for a meeting to go through what they’ll do. 

Your child then begins working towards the short term outcomes. Their education setting and any external agency professionals will support and monitor his or her progress. On a day to day basis, this will be your child’s early years key worker, class teacher, subject teacher, tutor or the SENCO.

When we review the EHC plan

We’ll review your child’s EHC plan at least once a year, starting from the date of the final EHC plan. Your child’s education provider is responsible for arranging and inviting you and your child to the Education, health and care plan review meeting, and all other relevant professionals.

You, the school or any education, health or social care practitioner can ask for an interim or emergency review if your child’s needs increase or their circumstances change significantly. This is to make sure that your child’s needs and the provision to meet their needs is suitable, and that this is shown in their EHC plan.

If you move house

If you move, we can transfer the EHC plan and the council in your new area must provide the same support. 

If your child’s EHC plan specifies that they need to go to a certain type of education setting, the council in your new area can review this with you. They may choose to do so if you where you move to is some distance from your child’s current education setting.

Key stage transfers for children with an EHC plan

When a child with an EHC plan moves to a different school or education setting at the end of:

  • nursery
  • year 2
  • year 6

you must fill in a key stage transfer form.

The SENCO at your child’s placement can help with this, if required.

The deadline to submit the form is 31 October 2021.

When we end an EHC plan

We may end an EHC plan (cease to maintain) when:

  • we’re no longer responsible for your child
  • it’s no longer necessary for us to maintain the plan

This may be when your child:

  • achieves the education or training outcomes specified
  • leaves education
  • goes to university

Otherwise, the EHC plan will continue until the end of the academic year in which your child is 25 years old.

Before we decide to end an EHC plan we must:

  • tell you and your child that we’re considering ending it
  • talk to you and your child
  • talk to your child’s school or the education provider named in the EHC plan
  • check if your child is on an academic course that will end after they turn 25