Local crisis and prevention fund

Local crisis and prevention fund: emergency payments or household goods

Get help if you can't afford the basics like food, gas, electricity or household goods.

Emergency payments

We are able to support people who are in financial crisis, for example losing their job or having a delay in benefit payments.

We are unable to support with bulk buying food.

Household goods:

We can’t supply household goods at this time.

This is because our suppliers have suspended all deliveries.

We’re working on alternatives and will update the website with any changes.

How we can help

We can help you in a financial crisis by:

  • giving you an emergency payment for essentials like food, gas or electricity, British Gas customers can't claim for fuel payments
  • supplying household goods if you can't afford basic furniture or white goods, like a fridge or a cooker

You won't have to pay anything back.

If you can't pay your gas or electricity bill because of coronavirus (COVID-19), contact your energy supplier to ask for a payment break before you contact us.

British Gas customers

We can't offer gas and electric top ups for British Gas customers. This is because British Gas has changed its top up support.

If you're a British Gas customer you can still apply for food or household goods.