Cremation memorials

Cremation memorials

There are many options for you and your family to commemorate a loved one after cremation.

Book of Remembrance

You can have an entry in the public Book of Remembrance to create a personal memorial.

On the anniversary of the date of entry you can visit and see your message of remembrance displayed.

The Books of Remembrance are kept at the Canford Cemetery and Crematorium and South Bristol Cemetery and Crematorium.

The Books of Remembrance have:

  • pages that are turned daily to today’s date
  • entries that usually mark the anniversary of a death
  • hand painted inscriptions
  • an optional miniature artwork, like a floral emblem, motif or coat of arms to go with the wording for five or eight line entries

Arrange to have an entry in the Book of Remembrance

Contact us to arrange to have an entry in the Book of Remembrance.


An entry in the Book of Remembrance costs:

  • two line entry: £75
  • five line entry: £105
  • five line entry with floral emblem: £175
  • five line entry with motif or badge: £200
  • eight line entry: £140
  • eight line entry with floral emblem: £210
  • eight line entry with motif or badge: £235

Look at the Book of Remembrance

The pages for the day are displayed in a protective glass-topped cabinet in the Book Room at Canford and South Bristol Cemeteries. The pages are turned each day to the current date. You can look at the pages on the anniversary date of the death. 

Check the times that the Books of Remembrance are available 

If you want to see the books on a date that isn’t an anniversary call us to make an appointment.

Miniature books and remembrance cards

Copies of the entry in the Book of Remembrance are available as a:

  • folded remembrance card
  • a miniature book, that you can add more entries to in the future 

Contact us to buy miniature books or remembrance cards.

Cremated remains plot with granite memorial

You can have cremated remains placed in a casket and buried in a small, private grave space that is marked by an 18 by 18 inch granite memorial stone.

The memorial:

  • is granite with engraved lettering
  • can have up to two flower holders incorporated into the design
  • can be inscribed with a design at an extra cost

Cremated remains plots are available at our Canford, South Bristol and Shirehampton cemeteries. You have an exclusive right of burial for 30 years. 

Arrange to have a plot with granite memorial

Contact us to arrange to have a granite memorial.


A cremated remains plot costs £1450.

This includes:

  • the cost of the memorial with first inscription of up to 120 letters
  • 30 year exclusive right of burial
  • the cost of the first burial in the plot

An inscribed design can be added at an extra cost.

Your funeral director will normally supply a casket as part of the funeral arrangements or contact us if you want to buy a casket from us.

Memorial vase and tablet

You can have a memorial vase with an inscribed tablet which will be placed at the edge of the path in the Memorial Garden.  The memorial gives you a personal place to visit and place floral tributes.

The memorial vase and tablet block:

  • is made of York stone
  •  has a seven inches by five inches black granite tablet
  • has space for 70 letters 
  • is leased for a period of 10 years and can be renewed after this time

Arrange to have a memorial vase and tablet

Contact us to arrange to have a memorial vase and tablet.


A memorial vase and tablet costs £420.

Memorial wall plaque

At Canford Crematorium you can have a wall plaque that can be dedicated as a personal memorial.

The memorial wall plaque is:

•    fixed to the wall in the memorial gardens
•    made of black granite
•    6 inches by 12 inches
•    has space for about 80 letters depending on size of letters and layout
•    leased for a period of 10 years and can be renewed after that time

Arrange to have a memorial wall plaque

Contact our Canford office to arrange to have a memorial wall plaque.


The cost of a memorial wall plaque is:

  • memorial wall plaque only: £340
  • optional photo on plaque and vases for floral tributes: £185

Commemorative plaques

A commemorative plaque can be placed at the edge of a memorial bed at Canford Cemetery and dedicated for a period of 10 years.

The commemorative plaque:

  • is made of metal
  • measures 5 inches by 3 inches
  • has 50 letters over 5 lines


A commemorative plaque costs £210.

Contact our Canford office for more information.

Memorial trees in parks and open spaces

You can have a tree planted as a memorial.  Look at our Tree Sponsorship Scheme for prices and more information.