Apply for early years SEN funding.

To find out what information you should include with your application read the guidance:  pdf Special educational needs provision for Bristol Early Years: Bristol Universal Descriptors (359 KB)  . This guidance is only for early years providers located in Bristol.

Make a first application for Early Years SEN panel funding

To make a first application to support an individual child, you must fill in a:

Early Years Special Educational Needs Panel Funding application form 

You'll need information about:

  • the child
  • what sessions the child goes to
  • details of the support you've given the child
  • your setting's details

Support plan

A support plan helps us to take a multi-agency approach to support the child and their family. You should:

  • fill in the plan with the family 
  • include the views of any professionals working with the child and family

Early Years Individual Provision Plan 

This gives a detailed summary of the provision and strategies you'll use to support an individual child at each stage of their daily routine.

Risk Assessment

A detailed assessment of risk that relates to an individual child's needs.

Early years Special Educational Needs Panel Funding review form

We agree Early Years SEN panel funding for a specific length of time and review it so that we can monitor the impact of the funding. Use this to complete and submit a review at the appropriate Early Years SEN panel date set for review. 

When we initially agree the funding, we tell the SENCO in writing the date for review. 

To review Early years special education needs panel funding, you must fill in and send us the:

How to send applications and reviews

To return applications or reviews to us you must follow our pdf secure email guidance (235 KB) .

Email completed applications or reviews to

How we assess your application

Panel meetings take place on the second Wednesday of every month from 1.30pm to 4.30pm. You need to make sure you submit your application to reach us by noon on the Wednesday two weeks before.

We'll do our best to let you know the outcome in writing within 2 weeks of the panel meeting taking place.

Application queries

If you have any queries about making an application you can email