What we're doing to improve high streets in Bristol.

What we've done

In July 2021, Bristol secured £4.725 million of funding to help Bristol’s high streets and the city centre recover from the impact of COVID-19 and to help get more people visiting and using these places.

To understand what improvements are needed and what events and activities people would like to see in each of the priority areas we’ve been working with:

  • businesses
  • residents
  • community groups
  • culture and events organisations

We collected feedback between September 2021 and March 2022 through online surveys, focus groups, creative workshops and on-street engagement.

What you said

We’ve produced documents about what people said about the city centre and priority high streets which:

  • summarise key findings from the high street engagement
  • say what we are doing or propose to do in each area

See what people have said about:

What we're doing

Activities are already underway, including:

Next steps

We will be prioritising feedback into what can be delivered with the current funding and what will need longer term investment.

We're working on plans to improve each of the priority areas. Examples include:

  • seating
  • bins and recycling facilities
  • pocket parks
  • trees
  • planters

The aim is to deliver these improvements by Autumn 2023.