We can help you find tenants and give advice and support for renting out your property.

How we can help you

We offer two free services to help you find a suitable tenant:

  • a leasing scheme
  • assured shorthold tenancies

Leasing scheme

We'd like more leased accommodation to help us with the pressures of temporary accommodation for families who've become homeless.

If you lease your property to us, we can offer:

  • 12 months' rent in advance
  • up to a two year contract
  • void period cover
  • regular property visits to help avoid any issues that may occur during occupation
  • two month annually renewable deposit bond scheme
  • a reimbursement of landlord insurance
  • advice on tenancy issues and good letting practice
  • 28 day occupant notice
  • competitive rent levels
  • help at the end of tenancy

Types of property to lease

Ideally, we'd like family homes with three or more bedrooms that:

  • include white goods
  • are ideally furnished, but will also consider unfurnished
  • include window and floor coverings

We look to house families in temporary leased accommodation whilst a more permanent housing solution is found.

Assured shorthold tenancies

Ideally, with a minimum term of 12 months but can be agreed with as little as a 6 month initial term.

After the initial fixed term is completed the tenancy will continue on a rolling basis. This means that any notice to end the tenancy will need to be one month from the tenant, and two months from the landlord.

If you rent your property to us, we can offer:

  • up to six month's rent in advance, depending on circumstances
  • a deposit bond of two months or a five week cash deposit
  • a reimbursement of rent guarantee insurance
  • advice on tenancy issues and good letting practice
  • incentive payments to help with meeting market rents
  • tenancy paperwork
  • help at the end of tenancy

We'll consider all accommodation, including shared accommodation, which:

  • include white goods
  • are furnished or unfurnished

We may be able to refund your property license fee, if you agree to working with us to let the full property. To find out how this could work for you, email private.renting@bristol.gov.uk

We're happy to discuss and advise on a bespoke package based on us assessing market rent comparable and your requirements.

Type of properties we work with

We consider many types of property as long as they meet rental safety regulations.

You should be willing to manage the property or have an agent managing it on your behalf.

We'll consider properties in all areas, including outside of Bristol.

Get help to rent out your property

If you're interested in letting your property, would like to find out what we can offer, and how our schemes might work for you contact us and we'll get back to you.

Contact Us

What happens next

Step one

We'll contact you to talk about the property that you have to let. We'll look at what you want from a tenant and if our scheme will suit you.

Step two

We'll visit the property to:

  • check your safety certificates
  • look at the general condition of your property, including the furniture and fittings
  • talk to you about your responsibilities as a landlord

Step three

We'll introduce you to a potential tenant or occupant.

Step four

If you're happy with the tenant we'll get them signed up to a tenancy agreement with you.

Step five

We'll give you:

  • written details of everything agreed
  • photographs from the tenancy commencement
  • legal information about the tenancy
  • a copy of the tenancy agreement
  • helpful information sheets for maintaining the tenancy

These documents will either be given to you when you sign up or shortly afterwards.

Refugee Resettlement Scheme

We also run the Bristol Refugee Resettlement Scheme which can give you guaranteed monthly rent payments.

Contact information

Private Renting Team (100TS)

Bristol City Council
PO Box 3399
Bristol, BS1 9NE

Email: private.renting@bristol.gov.uk
Tel: 07785 660718