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As a private rental sector landlord or agent, you can join the West of England Rent with Confidence Accreditation Scheme to show tenants that you meet certain standards.

The West of England Rent with Confidence Scheme is an accreditation scheme for landlords and agents in the private rented sector.  

The scheme aims to raise the standard of the private rented accommodation throughout the West of England.  

How the scheme helps you and tenants

The benefits for landlords and agents include demonstrating that they meet a set of professional standards known as the Rental Standard.  

Tenants will be able to identify good landlords and agents giving them confidence that their home is of a good standard and properly managed.

How to join

You can become an accredited member of West of England Rent with Confidence by joining one of the five organisations providing accreditation for the scheme. 

For further information, and how to join, visit West of England Rent with Confidence Scheme  website.

Property licences

Some properties need to be licensed before the owners can rent them.